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The “DAW-network”

We declare that music is a creative process that serves as a source of passion and self-expression. Understanding that today's industry views artists and their creations as commodities, we champion the idea that music is more than just its outcome.


Our mission is to create an online network that emphasizes the individual growth of artists without having them compromise their tools or identity. We aim to push the boundaries of music creation by connecting communities who recenter music within the framework of collaboration and culture.


By building a network of tools and artists, DAWn Audio seeks to revolutionize the music industry, fostering a home that prioritizes the process behind making music.

Our Story

Collaborating on music today sucks. While making music with friends,  Diego started imagining a way to get around the outdated process artists face today and get back to focusing on what he loved: making music. DAWn Audio was born out of this frustration, starting as a Senior Design project in Tulane University’s 2021 Engineering Capstone Class, and now growing into a startup positioned to disrupt the creative industry.

Meet The Team

Diego Pinzon

Co-Founder & CEO

Diego is a drummer turned music producer with a BS in Engineering Physics and a minor in "Music Science and Technology" from Tulane University. He combines his technical knowledge and industry experience to lead DAWn Audio. He's also a Community Organizer with the Peoples Institute for Survival And Beyond (PISAB), bringing his skills to grow and foster the artist community.

Leo Simanonok

Co-Founder & CTO

Leo holds a BS in Engineering Physics and Computer Science from Tulane University, as well as a year of Aerospace Engineering graduate studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As the CTO of DAWn Audio, he brings a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise to the team.

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Mandy Ortiz

Founding Team Member & CSO

Mandy graduated from Macalester College with a BA in Political Science, International Studies, and Portuguese. Prior to joining DAWn Audio as a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, she spent time at Ogilvy honing her skills in strategic planning and public relations, working with top clients, and co-publishing industry thought leadership pieces. Her identity as a multimedia storyteller extends beyond her strategic work at DAWn Audio and into organizational work with art collectives, businesses, and community-based nonprofits across various cities, making the intersectionality between people, community, and passion the center of her work.

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