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1 / What is DAWn Audio?

DAWn Audio is a cross-DAW remote collaboration app that enables artists to co-create music live, from anywhere in the world, across their preferred Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

2 / Who is DAWn Audio for?

 DAWn Audio is for anyone who creates music with a DAW and wants to collaborate with others remotely. 

3 / What DAWs are compatible with DAWn Audio?

DAWn Audio is currently compatible with Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, and FL Studio.

4 / How does DAWn Audio work?

DAWn Audio acts as a middleware between two different DAWs, allowing users to stream audio and MIDI data between them in real-time.

5 / How much does DAWn Audio cost?

 DAWn Audio is currently in closed-beta testing and is free to use for invited artists. We plan to introduce a subscription-based pricing model in the future.

6 / How do I sign up for the DAWn Audio beta?

You can join our waitlist here.

7 / How do I download and install DAWn Audio?

Anyone can download our app from the Apple or Microsoft desktop app stores, but only those users who have been invited to our closed-beta will be able to login and use the app.

8 / Can I use DAWn Audio on my mobile device?

DAWn Audio is currently only available as a desktop application for Mac and Windows.

9 / What customer support does DAWn Audio offer?

We offer customer support through email and a dedicated support form on our app. You can reach out with any questions to

10 / Can I use DAWn Audio to collaborate with people who don't use the app?

No, all parties need to have DAWn Audio installed and running to collaborate.

10 / How can I provide feedback or suggest new features for DAWn Audio?

You can provide feedback or suggest new features by emailing our team or filling out the following form here. We value our users' feedback and ideas and use them to improve the app.

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