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SAm Fellowship

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Developing the Next Generation of Passion Driven Leaders.

Our SAm Fellowship (Student Ambassador Fellowship) pays homage to our late co-founder Sam Matluck, reflecting his values as a leader.


We understand the music industry isn’t seen as a viable career path by many, but this fellowship challenges that notion by serving as a bridge between different fields of study and the world of music technology and entrepreneurship.


We hope to create a long-lasting network of SAm Fellows who will prioritize passion and community while moving and growing through the world.


Hear from our Fellows

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“I really loved my experience in the SAm fellowship. I feel like it gave me great insight into what it’s like working for a startup and it was one of my first steps getting into the industry and helped me advance to where I am now. It was a big stepping stone in helping me navigate my professional goals. The whole team is amazing and they’re all great people.”

Spring 2024 Fellow

“The SAm fellowship was an awesome opportunity to work with other young music industry professionals and establish connections in the area. I really enjoyed getting to participate in this professional setting and learn how small events could be run, how social media could work, and the methods of branding a company might use.”

Spring 2024 Fellow

“The fellowship also allowed me to connect with students from Loyola and others passionate about music. I felt most fulfilled when working with my fellow ambassadors—whether it was helping them stay on track with projects, brainstorming potential influencer sponsors with Pallavi, structuring interviews with Graham, or assessing app quality with Josh. Overall, The SAm Fellowship helped shape how I think about music, technology, and entrepreneurship. I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to something that aligns so closely with my passions and skills."

 Spring 2023 Fellow

“I enjoyed working with people close in age to me. My other professional experiences have been with older individuals so it was really fun to work with younger people. I also enjoyed working on a start up and coming up with our own ideas and our own ways of doing things.”

Spring 2023 Fellow

“Thank you for the great experience this past semester, I enjoyed being able to do work with creative freedom and getting to use my prior skills in graphic design/social media. Getting to work with a company that's innovative and constantly improving/growing was very exciting to experience.”

Spring 2023 Fellow

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We're looking for passionate music makers!

Interested in joining the SAm Fellowship?


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Honoring Sam

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Sam Matluck was an entrepreneur at heart— passionate and driven to learn. He was an innovator whose devotion was guided not by building a company, but by pushing himself to grow in all aspects of his character. As part of his legacy with DAWn Audio, The SAm Fellowship reflects his values as a leader, fostering a sense of belonging, collaboration, and learning.

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